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04:03am 05/04/2010
mood: accomplished
Finally got Industrial-lyrics.com back up. No new lyrics. All the ones I had lined up were wiped out when my hard drive crashed and my thumb drive did the same. All the lyrics that were there before are available and I will make an update at some point in the near future.

Enjoy the new design!


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Industrial-lyrics.com updated - new lyrics added!   
11:54pm 10/04/2008
mood: accomplished
A new addition of lyrics went up tonight. Thank you to all who contributed. Details and news below:

Added 218 new songs.
New bands(9):

* Cleen
* Contagion
* Coptic Rain
* Deathline International
* MindFluxFuneral
* Plasmacrash
* Skold
* Unit 187

New songs added (100) to:

* Dismantled (10)
* Diva Destruction (12)
* Hocico (10)
* Mind.in.a.Box (25)
* Penal Colony (16)
* The Damage Manual (9)
* VNV Nation (8)
* Wumpscut (10)

Next priority for the site is to update the translations section, which hasn't been touched in years... literally. That section also needs a code update to get it in line with the main site. Also on the list of things to do in the immediate future is an overhaul of the CSS (the stuff that controls how the site looks). I'm going to finally fix the text size and hopefully will have it displayed correctly regardless of resolution. Other things that I'll get around to in the next couple months are adding more albums (possibly some compilations too), a new e-mailer (you might have noticed the old one has disappeared), updated banners to put on your website or Myspace, and completion of the main site for Industrial Inc. (www.industrial-inc.com).

Industrialpins.com is active if you were unaware. We have pins from over 70 bands, including 25% off Grendel pins. The bands do get something when you buy their pins, so support the scene! We also offer pins in bulk if your band or record label wants nifty merch (though you don't have to be either to place a bulk order). Details for ordering can be found here. Also, if you are a band that is interested in joining the site, please e-mail info<@>industrial-inc.com . It costs absolutely nothing, in fact, your band gets paid for every pin that sells!


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Industrial-lyrics.com and Industrial Inc. are back online   
12:57pm 01/03/2008
mood: relieved
I am pleased to announce that nothing was lost in the server drama of the last week . Both sites are back online, so check them out!

If you haven't already been to Industrial Inc. (www.industrialpins.com), do so! Right now there's a sale on Grendel pins.



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Industrial-lyrics.com and Industrial Inc. dead   
08:40pm 21/02/2008
mood: shocked
So, I've gotten a few messages about the sites not working. I was aware that my hosting company was moving the server those sites are on, so I assumed it was just that. Apparently the hard drive for the SQL server (the database system that holds all the information for both sites) died earlier this week. As of now, the company is waiting for a recovery firm to assess it. I was told that it could be next week (2/28/08) before they know what the prognosis is.

Unfortunately, I do not have recent backups of the databases (they were lost recently when I got a new computer). There's a very real chance that they will not be able to recover the databases from that SQL server. If that turns out to be the case, I haven't decided what I'll do.

Hope for the best.

poet (at the) industrial-inc.com domain
industrialyrics (at the) yahoo.com domain

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Industrial-lyrics.com turns 4 today, and has an update!   
07:09pm 08/02/2008
mood: sick
So today Industrial-lyrics.com turned four, and was updated for the first time in nearly a year. Details on the new stuff below:

Added 191 new songs.
New bands(7):

Full Frequency
Society Burning

New songs added (81) to:

Angels and Agony (11)
Assemblage 23 (13)
Babyland (35)
Christ Analogue (6)
See Colin Slash (4)
Syrian (11)
The Mystic Underground (1)

Depending on how the next year goes, possibly a birthday party next year?


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Slow goes it   
09:42pm 14/05/2007
mood: stressed
So I thought I had posted about this, but apparently not.

As you may have noticed, I have not been online, responding to e-mails, or posting anything. The fact is that I haven't been online except for like five minutes a day. I am in the middle of moving, trying to find an apartment, finish out this semester of school, and preparing for this summer.

I will be gone for most of this summer. After doing some business on the East Coast, I will be wandering back to California doing some photo work along the way. I'm planning on taking like a month to get home.

Too much shit going on... o_O


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Added some more quotes   
11:00pm 26/04/2007
mood: sick
I finally got around to putting in quotes for bands that were added in recent months. Thanks to Drachenfrau for picking out the quotes. In all, 27 new quotes were added, so keep an eye out for something new to read.

A lyrical update is on the horizon! Stay tuned


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In case you missed it   
11:24pm 21/04/2007
mood: excited
I announced this on Myspace last week, and now I'm announcing it here.

For the last three years (shortly after starting this website) I have been trying to start my own business. Well, as of last week I am the new owner of Industrialpins.com .

It has been dormant for the last 8 months or so, left with a promise of return back in October. I was down in LA last week to finalize the purchase, and in the next couple of weeks I will be reopening the site. I will be keeping the industrialpins.com domain, but the name of the business will be changing to my business, which is Industrial Inc. I have not written up a website yet, but www.industrial-inc.com is already mine.

This does not mean the end of Industrial-lyrics.com. I hope it will actually help my goals for the site to be realized.

I have a lot of ideas for Industrial Inc. (I've had three years to think about it), and it will not be just limited to pins. So I hope you stop by when I officially open. :-)


(This song is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.)

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Who doesn't love pretty pictures? *Update*   
10:51pm 24/03/2007
mood: working
Added new album info (66):

Front Line Assembly - Caustic Grip, Circuitry, Civilization, Colombian Necktie, Comatose, Epitaph, Everything Must Perish, Explosion, Fatalist, Flavour of the Weak, Gashed Senses and Crossfire, Hard Wired, Implode, Live Wired, Maniacal, Millennium, Mindphaser, Monument, Prophecy, Reclamation, Re-Wind, Surface Patterns, Tactical Neural Implant, The Blade, The Initial Command, Vanished

Front 242 - Off, Up Evil, Angels Versus Animals, Back Catalogue, Geography, Headhunter, Headhunter 2000, Live Code, Masterhit, Mixed By Fear, Politics of Pressure, Re-Boot, Religion, Tragedy For You, Two in One, Tyranny [For You]

Funker Vogt - Execution Tracks, Gunman, Killing Time Again, Maschine Zeit, Revivor, Survivor, T, Thanks For Nothing, We Came to Kill

Flathand 5 - Rhythm Collection

Flesh Field - Belief control, Redemption, Strain, Viral Extinction

Foetus - Ache, Blow, Flow, Rife

Fr/action - Crimes of the Future, Last Man Standing

Freezepop - Fancy Ultra Fresh, Fashion Impression Function, Freezepop Forever, Hi-Five My Remix

It's been a long time since I added any album info. I went through a couple of weeks ago and added all those albums to the database. I've been finding lately that I don't post about updates right away because I'm so sick of the computer by the time I get done updating.

I've been feeling better the last couple of weeks, though I've been working like hell the entire time. There's some exciting stuff in store for me in the next month, but I'll save that for when it's all official.

Please pop over to the site and join the forums. I'd love to get things going again.


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Forgot to post about Industrial-lyrifcs.com update   
03:28pm 04/03/2007
mood: apathetic
This happened a week or so ago. I forgot to post about it, so I guess I will now.


Added 145 new songs.<br />
New bands(4):
<li>James D. Stark
<li>Unter Null<p>
New songs added (105) to:
<li>Apoptygma Berzerk (10)
<li>Covenant (22)
<li>Imperative Reaction (9)
<li>In Strict Confidence (10)
<li>Psyclon Nine (8)
<li>system syn (11)
<li>Velvet Acid Christ (35)
Not much happening at the moment. I'm working on getting some other stuff going. Feeling better for the most part. 10x better than 3 months ago. I'll see about adding album info or something this month. I'm going to be very busy this month, so I doubt I'll have time for lyrics, though don't let that stop you from sending them!


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Does anybody own these albums?   
05:46pm 22/02/2007
mood: sick
I'm working on an update for Industrial-lyrics.com (OMG, I know, I'm actually doing something). I'm trying to play catch-up on albums that have come out in the last year or so.

I'm looking for someone who owns the new Apoptygma Berzerk material, Angels and Agony's new album "Unison", and/or any Diva Destruction material.

If you own any of those items, and they have lyrics in them, I'd really appreciate it if you could either type them up, or send me a readable scan of the lyrics.

So far I've got new material from Imperative Reaction, system syn, Psyclon Nine, Covenant, and Velvet Acid Christ (it's actually pretty old, I'm not sure why I didn't already have it).

I'm still feeling pretty sick. I didn't go to class today. I normally wouldn't be up to doing anything, but Sunday was a big pick me up. I went to see Imperative Reaction in Sacramento, and I have been inspired to get work done since then. Great show, check them out if they're stopping near you. They're headed off to Europe after their mini tour here.

Anyway, if you have any lyrics at all send them along to poet@industrial-lyrics.com . Make sure that "lyrics" is in the subject line. I get a lot of spam, and I would hate to accidentally delete your submission. I will be doing an update Saturday or Sunday, so please have them sent by noon Saturday (PST).


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Update to Industrial-lyrics.com   
08:11pm 29/01/2007
mood: annoyed
So I did an update yesterday. Here's the info:

Added 342 new songs.

New bands(13):

  • Anders Manga
  • Blood Machine
  • Conetik
  • Poesie Noire
  • Silent Muse
  • Spiritual Reality
  • Star Industry
  • sToa
  • Supreme Court
  • The Dreamseed Theologist
  • Tvot
  • Tyske Ludder
  • Virtigo

New songs added (97) to:

  • And One (26)
  • De\Vision (21)
  • Melotron (21)
  • Mesh (12)
  • Rammstein (11)
  • Seabound (5)
  • Stromkern (1)

Apparently no one reads the stuff I write on the main page. I have been sick for a couple of months. My stomach's been giving me trouble, making it very hard to eat and leaves me constantly nauseated. I haven't been able to much of anything since October.

In other news:
I will be working on another update for Industrial-lyrics.com's third birthday. Yes, three years. It really does only seem like yesterday that I was sitting in this very chair trying to learn HTML so I could make a site. As you can see, I figured it out, and the rest is history. Literally. Take a look at the "History" page for screen shots of the original version of the site.

Let's see... What else am I working on?

I don't know how soon I'll get to any of this (because of my health and my recent inability to focus on anything).

I am fooling with making the text on the site re sizable. A number of people have complained about it being too small on higher resolutions. I design everything to look right on a 1024x768, 32bit color resolution in Firefox. I do try to keep things looking right on Internet Explorer, but I've heard some things about overlapping and stuff in IE7. I don't have IE7 yet, so I'll look into it as soon as I can.

Covers! As in songs redone by another band. Some of you might remember that Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 once kept a list of industrial covers. He stopped keeping it up a couple of years ago, and the list disappeared. My good friend Lady Dev, of The Ungodly Hour, was able to track down a copy, and with Tom's permission, I am keeping it up. All that happened a year and a half ago, or more. I've been sitting on this database since then. I wrote the code to display them, but it still doesn't look right, so I never added it in. I'd like to get that integrated because it is pretty interesting.

And... Oh, I am working on making a song/band submittal form to make it easier to submit lyrics. A lot of people have asked for it.

As far as lyrics go: Look for Imperative Reaction's new album "As We Fall" and system syn's new album "The Mourning Ritual" in the next update. Also, Silent Auction and possibly Carbon 12. And One's "Bodypop" went up with this update, as well as Rammstein's "Rosenrot". I'll get to adding the album info later.

If you have lyrics, questions, comments, or hate mail; Send it to poet@industrial-lyrics.com .


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Important info related to the future of Industrial-lyrics   
04:11pm 17/10/2006
mood: aggravated
If you missed my bulletin on Myspace earlier, I recently found out that Industrial-lyrics.com has been the target of content stealing web bots. (And the Industrial-lyrics.com forum has been under attack by porn and pharmacy bots).

Thank you to Brandi Winks for informing me of www.lyricsmagnet.com. It is the sister site for www.lyricsandsongs.com, which I found to have many songs that I had to get special permission to post, I had to listen to the songs over and over to transcribe, or I had to track down the band and beg for lyrics.

I have done some digging today and have found out some info on those two sites.

Both sites share the same database. They share the same nameserver. Thanks to lyricsmagnet posting when a song is added, I was able to go back and find when they first raped Industrial-lyrics.com - Jan. 15, 2006. I also discovered that they appear to be in San Rafael, CA. I also am fairly sure of what their ISP is, as I have been able to track the ip's that have been used to index Industrial-lyrics.com.

Now I need some feedback. There are a number of routes I can go to help protect the content of the site. I can use Javascript (something I have not wanted to do in case people's browsers didn't support it). I can convert all the songs to image files (meaning you wouldn't be able able to copy and paste [note: I hate this option]). I can use Flash (see comments for Javascript). Or I can ban an entire ISP (not too keen on this). I am open to any other suggestions.

I know that it seems like I'm getting all bent out of shape over nothing, but try to see things from my view:

  • I go through and fix up every song before I put up. I average about 4 minutes of reading and editing per song. (I know this from looking at the difference between the modified times on each text file).

  • 4(min) x 9,161(songs) ÷ 60(min) = ~611 hours of just editing songs

  • 611 hours ÷ 2 1/2 years of being around = ~244 hours a year, which if you do the math again, you'll see it works out to like an hour every other day

  • All that is just in editing time, that doesn't count any coding, promotion, or any other features of the site

  • As my FAQ clearly states: "I don't make any money from this site. It is purely fan based. All costs (hosting, promotion, ect) come out of my own pocket." Which basically means that the only thing I get for my time is a sense of accomplishment.

So in conclusion, you can see that having a robot come in and take what I've spent mass amounts of time on can be pretty upseting.

If you have any insight or suggestions, please contact me (e-mail, Myspace, Livejournal, Industrial-lyrics.com Forums).


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Sizable update to Industrial-lyrics.com   
11:54pm 10/10/2006
mood: blah
Added 345 new songs.

New bands(13):

  • A New January
  • Abstinence
  • Amduscia
  • Babyland
  • Cat Rapes Dog
  • Corpus Delicti
  • Edge of Dawn
  • Foetus
  • Lost Signal
  • Mono Chrome
  • Retractor
  • The Machine in the Garden
  • Yelworc

New songs added (48) to:

  • Acumen Nation (13)
  • Angels and Agony (14)
  • Dekoy (7)
  • Hate Dept (10)
  • Neurotic Fish (2)
  • Tactical Sekt (2)

New album info (6) added:

  • And One - 9.9.99 Uhr
  • Dekoy - Haunted
  • In Strict Confidence - Love Kills
  • Stromkern - Dammerung Im Traum
  • The Birthday Massacre - Violet
  • Zeromancer - Clone Your Lover

I'd like to note that all but one of those albums has been in the database for awhile, I just never got around to telling anyone about it. Also, Dekoy's album Haunted will not be out until October 31st, so there is no buy link at this time, but will be in the near future.

I am working to get some stickers made up soon, so keep an eye out for those. I'm trying to find a decently priced place to do them, so if you know of one, please tell me about it.

Lately I've been doing a lot of photography stuff, so I haven't paid Industrial-lyrics.com the attention it deserves. It is still an active site. Let that be an end to any rumors :-P


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Industrial-lyrics.com introduces translations!   
10:51pm 02/09/2006
mood: accomplished
After... shit... a year and a half (?!) translations are up!

There are only 33 songs, but there will be more, and it took a hell of a lot of work to get those. I would like to thank Apocalyptic Dogess, Drachenfrau, Stefan, and Teufelskreis for their instrumental work in the creation of this section. What did they do? They translated the songs!

There are still two bugs in the system, but will be fixed soon. Right now they're nothing that you would notice, but if you do find something wrong, please let me know right away.

Some cool little things that have changed: Cleaned up the info links for the right hand album info box. The band website link is now just "Click here". You can view all of a band's translated songs by following a link from their profile on the main site. If a song is translated, there is a link to the translated version and vice versa when you view the song.

Still cleaning up things around the site. I'll try to integrate a feature that was coded and has been around for over 6 months... I just never got around to doing anything with it. I think you'll all like it.

I have some lyrics that people have sent me. I haven't had time to collect any myself. The Industrial-lyrics.com Song Parser is on the fritz, so I'm going to try to fix that before I add any new songs. (Speaking of which, I discovered two albums of lyrics that someone sent me and I forgot to add).

I'd love to get more album info up, but I don't have the time. The script to add the info is working, I just need someone that can follow directions and has gross amounts of time to spend on it.

I'll try to do something about the font size soon. I was thinking of making two more sizes. We'll see...

I'm tired... I've worked almost non stop for 3 days on translations. Leave me a comment or something to let me know what you think of everything.

Thank you all for your support.

More great things to come ;-)


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I will be gone for 2 weeks   
11:27am 09/06/2006
mood: pissed off
I am leaving tomorrow for New York. I will be there until the 22nd or so. I might have e-mail access, I might not. If you need to reach me (and I doubt anyone will), call my cell. I'll talk to everyone when I get back.


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12:16pm 02/06/2006
mood: sleepy
Man that's hard to spell... Ok, is anyone else going tonight? It's all ages, 21+ to drink. There's no excuse to not come :-) . I'm looking forward to seeing Lady Dev and rE\dOx from The Ungodly Hour. dOx will be spinning, so that'll be an added treat.

The Cracktory
1580 Custer
San Francisco, CA

I have no idea what I'll be wearing, but if you've seen my Myspace pictures, it should be that hard to spot me.


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Been awhile *Industrial-lyrics.com Update!*   
06:49pm 26/04/2006
mood: working
Added 195 new songs.

New bands(11):

  • Autumn
  • Cenobita
  • Children on Stun
  • Contagion
  • Datura
  • Discrete Encounter
  • I, Synthesist
  • Impulse
  • Nukleon
  • Platform One
  • The Mystic Underground

New songs added (4):

  • Brandi Winks * (2)
  • Das Ich (1)
  • Wumpscut (1)

Yeah, been awhile since the site was update, though less than you'd think. There was an update in March, but EleganceDying never got around to writing the update, so no one knew about it. I ended up writing it myself today. If you'd like to know what was put up, check out the "History" page on the site.

Ok... I know that the translations aren't up... *ducks to avoid barrage of assorted fruit and rotten meat* They'll get done... eventually. I've been busy with school and personal life stuff lately. I'm a photography student, and we're working on our final projects. I wanted to do mine with on portraits of goth/industrial people, but no one was interested in sitting for me when I posted about it on Myspace. Now it looks like I have to come up with something else.

So, general news: If I am undisturbed, then there will be a number of changes soon. Most likely they won't get done for a long time >:-| . I will possibly be shifting some boxes around on the site. I've been meaning to update the animated banner for the site. I also have made tons of changes to the programs that I use, so I need to update their info and pictures. The FAQ could use a lot of work too...

I am planning to have the site down for an hour or two in the coming weeks. I need to clean up some things in the database, so I'll have to take the site offline for a little bit.

I am desperate for lyrics. I'm pretty much out of bands to look up, so if you have suggestions, please let me know!

I'm happy to say that the feedback I've gotten recently is good :-). Thanks for the support!


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Goth/Alt Models?   
07:11pm 24/04/2006
mood: apathetic
Things have been pretty quiet on my end lately. I've been dealing with a lot of school work. I'm a photography student. I'm working on my final project right now, and am considering doing a series with goth/alt models since it's what I'd like to do later on.

If I do decide to do it, is anyone interested in being a model? I can't pay you, but I can give you a print or two. I'd of course need you to sign a model release.

Anyway, I'm still toying with the idea, so nothing's definite. If you're in the SF or Sac area, and are interested, let me know.


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Industrial-lyrics.com down *READ*   
03:26pm 18/04/2006
mood: panicing
If you are wondering why you can't access the site:

I discovered a few minutes ago that my domain expired. At the moment, I'm not able to get a hold of my domain register to fix the problem. I was sent an e-mail awhile ago concerning it's expiration and must have misread it, because I was led to believe that it would automatically renew itself. I'm sorry for the mix up, and I hope that things will be back to normal soon.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me, catch me on Myspace, or leave me a message on Yahoo.

YIM: ristslita

poet.of.the.internet@gmail.com (Send it here until the site is back up)


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